The Problem

      Goals & Objectives


Goals and Objectives

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is undertaking The East Corridor project in order to develop long-term improvements for the IH 30 and US 80 corridors. While the "design year" for this project will be 2025/2030, the overall goal of this effort is providing solutions to endure the next 50+ years.

In addition to possible improvements along IH 30 and US 80, this study will review plans by TxDOT and other agencies to enhance other transportation facilities in the study area including arterial streets, DART light rail transit lines, bus park-n-ride lots and routes, and bicycle networks. The study also will incorporate developments to traffic flow resulting from better traffic management and encouragement of travel demand management measures.

While each of these elements will contribute to advancements in mobility within the corridor, there likely will be a need for significant improvements to IH 30 and US 80 as well. In fact, it is anticipated we will not be able to provide sufficient capacity on these highways to handle future demands during peak hours. In other words, we don't have the ability to "build" our way out of congestion. Rather, we should attempt to maximize mobility for the area's traveling public.

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