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Driving on Dallas area highways can sometime feel like bumper cars. If you travel regularly on Interstate Highway (IH) 30 or US 80 in eastern Dallas County you know that this can sometimes try your patience.

The East Corridor – An IH 30 / US 80 Design, a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) project is developing solutions to improve mobility, safety and travel conditions for these signature east-west freeways. Designs will initiate with the preparation and completion of Preliminary Design Schematics and an Environmental Assessment followed by future final (detailed) design and project construction.

Your participation is welcomed and encouraged. Citizen input is a key ingredient in patterning successful designs. Your perspective as a resident, commuter, business and property owner, civic group or community organization member is valuable in that information exchange and sharing helps identify local needs which in turn can produce safe, efficient and effective solutions.

Recognizing the generational aspect of transportation improvement opportunities, designs produced today will serve as Your 21st Century Travel Solution!

Visit this website regularly to receive project updates, provide comments, access the Public Meeting schedule and view our study/design graphics---but first of all register on our project mailing (notification) list!

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